Meditation // Yoga // Reiki

At Aurea, we take a holistic approach to your well-being. Learn a simple meditation technique that you can do anywhere, invigorate your body with yoga asanas, and experience the healing touch of Reiki to bring your entire
self into balance.

May all beings be at peace. © Tristan Jovanovic. All rights reserved.


Meditation three hours of instruction with lifetime support // £150
Yoga one hour in-person or online // £45
Reiki one hour in-person // £45
Reiki half hour distant // £30

I accept PayPal and will forward details with your appointment confirmation. Please make payment before the appointment or pay in cash for live sessions. Cancellations must have at least 24 hours notice to receive a refund.


You might think you can't meditate, but I believe everyone can – it's just finding the right technique. My personal favourite is mantra based and I can help you develop a simple and sustainable practice that will last you a lifetime. Instruction is open-ended, so although the initial training will take only a few hours, you will continue to get support and guidance for as long as you want. Get in touch to find out more.


Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive healing modality that brings peace of mind and relaxation. I have been trained in both the Western and Japanese traditions, although my practice focuses primarily on the Japanese method. I offer in-person sessions in Holborn and distance sessions to wherever you are in the world. For more details about Reiki, please contact me.


I am a fitness instructor and a passionate yoga teacher (RYT-200). I can help you develop an asana practice online or in person. Watch for future class times at gyms and yoga studios in London or contact me to arrange a private session.


Sangha is about being together. Aurea is still a very small community so each week I offer a live-stream on Instagram where you can tune in for half an hour of universal spirituality and meditation at 17.05 (London) every Tuesday and Thursday. As our sangha grows, the format will change.
I hope to see you soon!


Hi! I'm Tristan Jovanovic. I am a fitness instructor and yoga teacher in London. I am passionate about well-being and I believe that we have to look after our entire selves: body, mind and spirit. I started Aurea to share with you what I've learned about how yoga, meditation and Reiki can change our lives for the better. When I'm not on the mat or cushion or in the gym, you can probably find me reading, drinking coffee or in one of London's art galleries. I believe shirts are optional.


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